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The Best Church Communication Blogs

Frequently, someone in our group will ask for a list of people to watch, listen, read, and learn from in Church Communications. There are a ton of voices. That's why we created this list of the best Church Communication blogs. We're going to attempt to list every blog...

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11 New Families From Facebook Ads

Ok, here we go. This is a church of 120 people in Tulsa, OK.  We ran Facebook Ads promoting their special service that included Pictures With Santa and a ton of free food and candy.  Here are the results: 11,237 impressions 8178 people reached 1.37 frequency 236...

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Social Media for Student Ministries with Ashley Aucker

On this podcast when we talk about social media, we're usually talking about the church's accounts. However, what about the other accounts like student ministry? Today, we're talking to Ashley Aucker about what it's like to run social media for a student ministry and...

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Starting a Communications Ministry with Katy Wreyford

Are the first communications director or minister at your church? Are trying to figure out whether to start with a social media strategy or create branding guidelines? If this is you, then this podcast will speak to your needs. We're interviewing Katy Wreyford and she...

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