Ok, here we go. This is a church of 120 people in Tulsa, OK.  We ran Facebook Ads promoting their special service that included Pictures With Santa and a ton of free food and candy.  Here are the results:

11,237 impressions
8178 people reached
1.37 frequency
236 clicks to website
33 cents per click

Total Investment = $78.58

The result:  11 new families showed up and visited Encounter Church for the very first time. (Check out their Facebook page.) For a church of 120 people that specifically targets young families, this was a huge win!  All told, those 11 families accounted for 47 new visitors on a single Sunday.

That’s the power of Facebook Ads.

Just to be clear – this isn’t posting on your church Facebook page, and this isn’t boosting posts. This is completely different. It’s custom designing Facebook Ads that run in the News Feed on Facebook and Instagram.

Here’s exactly how I setup our Facebook ads

I created 6 different Facebook ads that targeted people with driving distance of the church. In this case that was a 10 mile radius around the church. All 6 ads had the exact same ad copy, but each one had a different picture. That way if someone saw the ad more than once, they would see the same info but a different image.  Here’s a screen shot of the ad, along with the image that got the most clicks:

Facebook ads

Then I ran the ads to a custom landing page of the church website that only had information on the event. Location, Times, and all the details about the event (as well as reminding them about all the free candy, free food, free family pics with santa, etc).

A rookie mistake that most people make is sending all the website traffic to your home page. Terrible idea. Don’t make them work to find out where on your website you have all the info about your event.

Even if you have that info on your home page, there are too many other things on there that will muddy your message. You don’t want to promote all the things you have going on at your church. Trust me. You only want to invite them to one thing: your event.

We ran the ads for 2 weeks, but we only ran them on Thursday, Friday, and Saturday. That way we were able to maximize our ad spend and only show the ads to people while they’re gearing up for Sunday. Nobody is thinking about church on Monday, Tuesday or Wednesday so unless you have a huge budget, don’t waste your time showing ads on those days.

So there you have it. That’s exactly how I used Facebook ads to promote Pictures With Santa. A church of 120 people saw 11 new families and 47 new visitors on a single Sunday.

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