Registering a domain name for your church used to be a tricky task. Confusing signup forms, additional shopping cart items that made little sense, and of course the racy ads (we’re looking in your direction GoDaddy).

However, in the last few years things have changed for the better. There are solid options for your church that are hassle-free and reasonably priced. There are even registrars that will now let you buy extensions like .church, .life, and .bible.

So if you’re looking to register a domain name or looking to transfer your domain name to another provider, here’s our recommendations:

Our Top Pick: Google Domains

Google Domains is the new kid on the block and of course the entire domain registering process is very Google-like, clean interface, clear instructions, and very helpful support.

We tested Google’s domain service by transferring and registering over 50 domain names of various extensions and complicated DNS records. Here’s what we found:

  • The domain transferring process was quick and easy. We only had a problem with the domain extensions .tv and .es. Neither of which Google supports.
  • We also had a problem with DNS records that were longer than 12 entries. That was easily solved by putting in by hand, but it was a little concerning.
  • Purchasing domain names on Google was an easy process. We weren’t up-sold with additional services that we didn’t need, and it look less that five minutes.
  • Forwarding domain names and creating new DNS records was also an easy process as well.
  • The pricing for Google’s service was also straightforward. Now we love a good coupon, but we liked Google’s no-nonsense pricing. We paid $12 for a .com domain name (same price for transfers) and $40 a .church domain name. Those seemed like reasonable prices.

Overall, Google Domains was a pleasurable experience and one that we’ll be using in the future as our main domain name registrar.

Our Runner Up Pick: Hover

Hover has been our recommendation for the last three years. Like Google, their registration is hassle-free and we got a great deal on the pricing thanks to various coupons from our favorite podcasts. They also have a wide range of domain extensions and great customer support.

But alas, we decided to move away from them. Why? Well, in the last 18 months we had two issues where Hover suffered from server outages (DNS attacks) which rendered our church and campus websites inoperable. While we appreciate Hover’s attempt to respond to this issue, we knew we needed to land somewhere else.

Honorable Mentions: GoDaddy

Oh Godaddy, you’re the king of great deals. We too have been tempted by $1 domain names and super cheap hosting. However, we could never justify doing it because of the racy ads on TV and the internet.

However, GoDaddy has since changed direction and now is building a reputation as solid domain name registrar. They still offer coupons and cheap hosting, but they’ve dropped they ads that made us feel uncomfortable.

So why are they an honorable mention? Because they still offer great deals if you’re on a budget. However, we can’t recommend them on a regular basis due to their constant up-selling of additional features that are of little value.

So what do you think? What’s your pick for domain name registrar? Share your thoughts below.